Emily  Frye

Emily Frye


Director, Cyber Integration

Expertise: Homeland SecurityNational SecurityCritical InfrastructureCybersecurity

Emily Frye is Director for Cyber Integration at the Homeland Security Center at The MITRE Corporation. She is an expert on homeland security, critical infrastructure and cybersecurity.
Frye’s work has helped define and explore options for the future of comprehensive, nationwide cybersecurity approaches across both public and private sectors, bridge the divide between federal and state government on cybersecurity initiatives, and strengthen public-private partnerships in support of critical infrastructure security and resilience. 
Frye has served on both the Long-Range Planning Committee for the Section of Science & Technology of the American Bar Association, and as advisor to the Diversity Committee of the American Bar Association. She is an accomplished speaker and moderator, and has written about issues relating to critical infrastructure, national resilience, digital technology, national security, privacy, economic impacts of cybersecurity, and the role of insurance in Critical Infrastructure Protection. She received her Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from George Mason University and her undergraduate degree from William & Mary.  
Her speaking appearances include a cybersecurity conference hosted by the Atlantic Council in Poland and Xconomy’s Cyber Madness. She has also written in The Hill on the need for an international cyber court, and been quoted by Slate and CybersecurityTV.

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