Riaz  Tejani, Ph.D. anthropology, JD

Riaz Tejani, Ph.D. anthropology, JD

University of Redlands

Associate Professor of Business Ethics

Expertise: Business Ethicslaw and ethicseducation and ethics

Riaz Tejani is an Associate Professor of Business Ethics. His research examines problems in legal and business ethics with a focus on race and class inequality, access to justice, and higher education. Riaz's first book, Law Mart: Justice, Access, and For-Profit Law Schools (2017), is an ethnographic account of for-profit legal education during and after the global financial crisis. His second book, Law and Society Today (forthcoming 2019), critically surveys contemporary themes in socio-legal studies after "law and economics". Riaz serves on the National Advisory Council of the non-profit research center Law School Transparency, and his recent articles have appeared in American Ethnologist, U.C. Irvine Law Review, and Political and Legal Anthropology Review. His work has been cited or reviewed in outlets including the Harvard Law Review, Yale Law Journal Forum, Annual Review of Law and Social Science, The Nation, Huffington Post, Salon, and NPR. 

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