Professor Alan Champneys is based in the Department of Engineering Mathematics at the University of Bristol. He is an expert in problem-solving, using mathematical models to understand dynamics such as swing of suspension bridges, how pumps and generators can become unstable, the impact of sudden stresses on human organs, how sports balls bounce, and why objects become distorted. He has formed part of an online community of maths modellers who formed the UK's Virtual Centre for Knowledge Exchange in the Mathematical Sciences working with industry and government in brainstorming problems arising from the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Professor Champneys is a passionate public communicator and regular contributor of popular STEM think pieces. Recent topics covered include: the importance of maths in society, the use and abuse of mathematical models, the history of science and maths, the use of data in healthcare, swarming, maths and poetry, and the mathematical principles for reopening workplaces post-lockdown.

1988 - BSc Mathematics, University of Birmingham 
1991 - D.Phil Mathematics, University of Oxford

Member of the Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications, Member of the Scientific Steering Board of Smith Institute for Industrial Mathematics, Member of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

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The rat’s whiskers: multidisciplinary research reveals how we sense texture

Two very different teams of scientists have worked together to reveal important insights into how we sense texture by looking at the whiskers of a rat.
13-Jul-2021 08:05:41 AM EDT

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