Alison  Green, Ph.D.

Alison Green, Ph.D.

University of West Florida

Associate Dean and Associate Professor

Expertise: Hospitality IndustryHotel AdministrationTravel & Tourism

Dr. Alison Green teaches in the areas of Human Resources, Education and Organizational Learning in the hospitality industry.

Green, Associate Dean and Associate Professor, conducts research in these areas as well as examining the value of certification in the hospitality industry and determining what skills employers expect from graduates of food-and-beverage hospitality programs.

She is co-author of Hospitality Learners Model, which examines many facets of hospitality and hospitality education.

Green has made numerous peer-reviewed presentations on education and the hospitality industry. They include Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education, Journal of Teaching in Travel & Tourism, and Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research.

Topics include learning models, students’ learning styles, students’ view of technology in learning, and the uses of technology in classrooms. Green also is the author of a study called, “How We Complain: The Effect of Personality on Complaint Channels.”

Green’s research is timely and deals with current issues. For example, one study looked at “The Impact of Mobile Device Use Policies on Employee Engagement: A Study of Generation Z in the Hotel Workplace.”

Green has helped hoteliers identify key operating and sales opportunities and created leadership training programs for nonprofits.

Green earned a Ph.D. in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology from the University of New Mexico. She previously taught Hotel Administration at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. 

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