Andrew   DeVigal

Andrew DeVigal

University of Oregon

Director, UO-SOJC's Agora Journalism Center; Endowed Chair in Journalism Innovation and Civic Engagement; Professor of Practice

Expertise: JournalismJournalism and DemocracyCommunity-Centered JournalismCivic EngagementMedia Collaboration

Andrew DeVigal is an Emmy award-winning storyteller with expertise in journalism innovation, community-centered journalism, media collaboration, and civic engagement. His latest report which he co-authored, "Assessing Oregon’s Local News & Information Ecosystem 2022," focuses on the role of local news in the civic health of communities. DeVigal holds the endowed chair in journalism innovation and civic engagement and is the director of the Agora Journalism Center, the forum for the future of local news and civic health at the University of Oregon's School of Journalism & Communication.
A constant connector and bridge builder, DeVigal’s leadership at the school has led to industry-recognized initiatives such as Gather, a platform to support community-minded journalists, and the Doers Gathering, a toolkit to drive community-driven solutions addressing pressing local issues. Prior to joining the UofO, DeVigal was the multimedia editor at The New York Times where he directed the multimedia team and conceived and produced ground-breaking story forms and processes that continue to shape the industry today.

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Research links local news, civic health of communities

A new report from the UO’s Agora Journalism Center found that Oregonians are unequally served by local news media and that some communities have few places to turn for local news.
20-Oct-2022 07:20:16 PM EDT

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