Andy  Radford, PhD

Andy Radford, PhD

University of Bristol

Professor of Behavioural Ecology

Expertise: Animal BehaviorAnimal SoundsBioacousticsHabitatsWildlife

Professor Andy Radford is based in the School of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol where his studies involve observing co-operation, conflict and vocal communications among animals. Professor Radford is partocularly interested in how the movement, community living, physiology, reproduction, and survival of animals are all affected when there is significant disruption from unnatural sources of sound. Among other areas of focus, this involves examining the impact on wildlife of man-made noise and interference from boats, windfarms and machinery. Professor Radford has worked in Australia, South Africa, French Polynesia and Panama. He has examined coral-bleaching in the Coral Reef off the coast Australia which impacts on fish and marine invertebrates. He has also explored how windfarms off the coast of the UK have disrupted the nesting habits of seabream. An additional specialist area is the unusual habits of Dwarf Mongoose in South Africa, a species where breeding only takes place among the dominant pair and other adults look after their offspring.

1996 - BA Natural Sciences (Part II Zoology), University of Cambridge, 1998 - MSc Biology Integrative Bioscience, University of Oxford, 2003 - PhD Zoology, University of Cambridge

Member of the Faculty of Life Sciences Promotions Committee, Deputy Director, Graduate School, SoBS, Exams Officer in School of Biological Sciences (SoBS)

2013 - University Research Fellowship, Institute for Advanced Studies, 2014 - Invited Fellow of the Society of Biology, 2020 - Best of Bristol Lecturers


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Mongooses give bullies the cold shoulder, scientists find

Dwarf mongooses remember which groupmates have picked fights with others during the day and later shun the aggressors during pre-bedtime socialising sessions, according to new research.
01-Nov-2021 05:05:03 AM EDT

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