Dr. Brian Crisher, an associate professor, has written on military capabilities and various aspects of war and politics.
Much of his research examines international conflict. This includes the role of military capabilities – specifically naval power – on conflict processes and the role of domestic politics on conflict and how often issues of power and domestic politics interact to influence conflict. His work has been published in "International Interactions," "Foreign Policy Analysis," and "Research and Politics," among others.
Topics he is examining include the influence of naval power on long-distance militarized disputes and how domestic political problems alter leaders’ incentives to initiate conflict.
Crisher teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses. They include “Introduction to Comparative Politics,” “Statecraft,” “Introduction to International Politics,” “International Relations in East Asia,” and “Political Science Research Methods.”
In addition to his publications, Crisher’s research findings have been presented at the American Political Science Association Conference, the International Studies Association Conference, the Peace Science Society (International) and elsewhere.
He is a reviewer for Journal of Politics, British Journal of Political Science, Journal of Conflict Resolution, International Studies Quarterly, International Interactions, Conflict Management and Peace Science.

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