Charlie  Penrod, PhD

Charlie Penrod, PhD

University of West Florida

Interim Chair, Associate Professor of Legal Studies

Expertise: Legal StudiesCopyright Lawunemployment lawCybercrimeBusiness Law

Charles “Charlie” Penrod, an Associate Professor of Legal Studies, has conducted research on copyright law, unemployment law, business law and cybercrime, among other topics.

Penrod, who has a J.D. from Louisiana State University, practiced law and taught at Northwestern State University in Louisiana before joining UWF in 2014. He teaches courses on American law, torts, contracts and ethics.

Penrod’s research has focused on copyright law, sexual harassment protections, and privacy policies for university websites. He is putting more emphasis on copyright law, an increasingly controversial issue as the Internet grows. His peer-reviewed work has been published in Chicago-Kent Journal of Intellectual Property Law, Loyola Law Review, Universal Journal of Educational Research, Journal of Business Information Systems and Journal of Workplace Rights, to name a few. 

His subjects included “A New Approach to Fair Use in Copyright,” e-crime prevention, and “Improving Sexual Harassment Protections: An Examination of U.S. University Sexual Harassment Policies.”

As a lawyer in Louisiana, Penrod specialized in employment law and worked as a research attorney for the local court system.

He also was a champion on “Jeopardy,” winning $19,000 while competing on the popular television game show in 2010.

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