Courtney  D'Allaird, MBA, MA

Courtney D'Allaird, MBA, MA

University at Albany, State University of New York

Assistant Director of Intercultural Student Engagement; Coordinator of the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center

Expertise: Intercultural Student EngagementGender and Sexuality IssuesLGBTQ issues

Courtney D'Allaird is the Assistant Director for Intercultural Student Engagement and the founding coordinator of the GSRC. They have done extensive work with college campuses across New York State in order to expand initiatives for LGBT* student inclusion.

Courtney is  a nationally certified peer educator and trainer for NCBI (National Coalition Building Institute), DASA (Dignity for All Students Act) and Safe Space/Zone development. Courtney served 10 years on the board of the Northeast LGBT College Conference and as the 2014-2016 Northeast Regional Rep for the Consortium of LGBT Higher Education Professionals.

"Neo is new, so neopronouns suggests the concept of new pronouns—new ways of using, thinking about, and having pronouns to help us shape and talk about our lives in more dynamic ways."

“The big difference is that for someone who is demiromantic, their romantic attraction doesn’t come and go with different people…It’s an actual absence of any romantic feeling until they get deeply mentally connected to a partner.”

Courtney D’Allaird, assistant director of Gender and Sexuality Resource Center at the University of Albany, says agender people also reject the entire concept of gender. This rejection “isn’t necessarily the experience of the majority of non-binary identi

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