Cynthia Smith Peters, MSN, MS, DNP, RN, Undergraduate Program Director and Assistant Professor of Clinical Practice, teaches courses in Public and Community Health Nursing, Health Assessment, and Pharmacology.

Dr. Smith-Peters’ research interests focus on health disparities, minority health, maternal-child health, and the transition of the graduate to professional nurse.

She works in the community as a parish nurse and a public health nursing liaison with a focus on maternal-child health and cardiovascular health promotion initiatives. During her 28 years as a professional nurse, she has practiced in medical-surgical nursing, public health nursing, geriatrics, pediatrics, and maternal care. In addition, as a parish or faith community nurse, she is routinely invited to give presentations at community churches and centers where she encourages individuals to focus on preventative health care and the management of chronic diseases. She has also worked as a public health nurse and nursing consultant providing education to health care professionals and families regarding perinatal HIV transmission, HIV prevention and treatment options, and has assisted in clinical trials for HIV-exposed infants.

Before coming to UWF in 2014, she was an assistant professor of nursing at Pensacola State College.

She received a bachelor's in nursing and master's in nursing with focus on public health from the University of South Alabama, a Master's in health education and management from UWF, a Doctorate of nursing practice from Duquesne University, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education from George Washington University.

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