Daniel  Tichenor, PhD

Daniel Tichenor, PhD

University of Oregon

Philip H. Knight Chair of Social Science; Director of the Program on Democratic Governance, Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics

Expertise: American presidentsJimmy CarterImmigrationimmigration and politicsPolitical movementsCivil Libertiesinterest groupssocial movements

Daniel J. Tichenor has published six books and more than 50 journal articles and chapters on the politics of immigration and citizenship policy, presidential power and its relationship to liberal democracy and the influence of interest groups and social movements on representative government. At the University of Oregon, he serves as the Philip H. Knight Professor of Social Science and Senior Faculty Fellow at the Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics. 

Tichenor has been a faculty scholar at the Center for the Study of Democratic Politics at Princeton University, research fellow in Governmental Studies at the Brookings Institute, Abba P. Schwartz Fellow in Immigration and Refugee Policy at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, and research scholar at the Eagleton Institute of Politics. He regularly gives public lectures and has testified and provided expert briefings to Congress on immigration policy and immigrant integration. 

“All contemporary Democratic presidents — Carter, Clinton, Obama, and now Biden — have found immigration to be a political minefield,” Tichenor said.

"Gen Z’s muscular political presence underscores that young people have the power to rebel and reflect, and in the process they are emerging as a juggernaut of political conscience and influence."

"They are desperately trying to connect the pandemic to their great cause of restricting immigration - and particular kinds of immigration because they view the southern, eastern Europeans as racially inferior, as they do all kinds of other people."

“We’ve had crackdowns in the past, but what’s striking is just how broadly the Trump administration has pursued restrictions, from green cards to travel restrictions to family separation and ending DACA,” Tichenor said. The difference now is that the Unit


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EXPERT: President Jimmy Carter's Legacy

20-Feb-2023 01:55:54 PM EST

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