Deborah  Buckles, Bachelor of Science

Deborah Buckles, Bachelor of Science

Indiana University

Tobacco Treatment Program Director

Expertise: vapinge-cigarettesSmokingTobaccoNicotine

Deborah Buckles (formerly Hudson) is the program director of the Tobacco Treatment Program at the Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center in Indianapolis. In 2018, the IU Simon Cancer Center was awarded a two-year, $500,000 grant from the National Cancer Institute for the Cancer Center Cessation Initiative, created to expand existing efforts at NCI-designated cancer centers to help tobacco-using patients quit smoking.

Buckles is an expert on smoking cessation and is available to talk about nicotine addiction and the best ways to stop smoking. She can also comment on vaping and e-cigarettes, including common misconceptions about the safety and use of these products.

On the topic of recent vaping-related respiratory illnesses and deaths, Buckles says:
- Vaping is not proven to be safer than smoking cigarettes. There are still a lot of health questions about vaping that need answers.
- Pulmonary incidents and respiratory illnesses have occurred in people that have vaped nicotine, as well as those who have vaped THC.
- E-cigarettes are regulated by the FDA as tobacco products, but that does not mean they are FDA approved. 

How to Quit Vaping -- VICE

“The best thing is to never start using nicotine or any tobacco products. Addiction to nicotine can happen in as little as a few puffs over a few days/weeks ... The easiest way to quit is with medication and assistance from someone trained in addiction."

As Cases Of Vaping-Related Illnesses Rise, Here’s One Louisville Woman’s Story -- WFPL

"Unfortunately, the (vaping) industry did in fact, know what they were doing, and knew that if they could get kids addicted quickly enough, before there was too much FDA regulation, that they’d have users for life. And that’s exactly what’s happened.”

Seven People Have Died from Lung Illnesses Linked to Vaping. Should You Quit? -- VICE

“There is no regulation or inspection of these manufacturers or vape shops, so there is no way to tell if a device or liquid is from a ‘reputable place.’”

As doctors sound alarm, those vaping in Northwest Indiana say it has kept them off cigarettes -- The Chicago Tribune

“The manufacturers and vape shop owners are marketing these products as safer than cigarettes and as a way to 'switch' or 'kick the cigarette habit' however, these are NOT an FDA approved smoking cessation aid."

State health officials report Indiana’s first vaping-related death -- FOX 59

"In all of these cases there has been no consistency among how long a person has been vaping, what device or e-juice they've been using."

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