Dr. Deborah Luckett, Associate Executive Director of ASSET, Inc., has spent her career working with educators and students alike to empower meaningful growth, inclusiveness, and resiliency. Dr. Luckett has been in a leadership role at ASSET Inc. since 2007. She is a former classroom teacher whose honors include Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year, Milken Family Foundation National Educator, and the Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC) National Honor Roll Teacher. Dr. Luckett is a graduate of Westminster College (B.A.) and The Citadel (M.Ed. in Interdisciplinary STEM). Her doctoral work at Duquesne University focused on advocating for marginalized learners. Her dissertation title is Hidden Amongst People: Experiences of Black White Biracial Individuals with Microaggressions, Horizontal Hostilities and Identity Denial in Educational Settings. Dr. Luckett has experience teaching in urban and rural educational settings of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. Her contributions to ASSET include the Coaching and Resources for Educators (CaRES) and Partnerships for Advancing Learning in STEM (PALS) programs as well as professional learning for pre-service and in service educators.  

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