Dr Frank De Vocht is based in the Bristol Medical School's Centre for Populaton Health Sciences where he investigates the spread of non-communicable diseases – how they are caused and how they are overcome. He has a particular interest in diseases caused by radiation and by excessive alcohol consumption, alongside broader areas of environmental health and evaluations of public health policies and interventions. Dr De Vocht is currently exploring the effectiveness of policies to reduce alcohol consumption in public places alongside ways of reducing radiation impacts from sources such as nuclear power stations, 5G masts, and mobile phones. He has also explored the health implications of working in other non-ionising settings, such as alongside MRI scanners in hospitals and in rubber manufacturing plants. He has an additional area of research focused on future planning in health systems using data analysis.

1998 - BSc Environmental Sciences, Wageningen University and Research, 
2002 - MSc Environmental and Occupational Health, Wageningen University and Research,
2006 - Ph.D Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology, Utrecht University

2018 - University of Bristol Vice Chancellor’s Award for Education at the University Teaching Awards, 
2019 - Public Health England Annual Conference ePoster Award, Senior Author Paper nominated for Bernard Wheatly Award


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