James  Freeman, PhD

James Freeman, PhD

University of Bristol

Lecturer in Digital Humanities (History)

Expertise: ConservatismElectionGovernmentIdeologyNeoliberalismLibertyPoliticsPolitical Campaigns

Dr James Freeman is Lecturer is based in the Department of History where his research interests span the histories of important British political speeches and the power of oratory, spin and rhetoric, as well as the promises that politicians make and why/how these are frequently not delivered. He is also interested in the history of media research and polling in British politics. Dr Freeman's previous projects include studying the evolution of national pensions policy as rooted in the Thatcher government’s pension reforms of the 1980s, the evolution of ‘neoliberalism’ and its influence on British politics, the Conservative party’s history, and the rhetoric of freedom and liberty from 1900 to the present day. He also uses a variety of digital techniques to explore political history. He has been interviewed for NBS, Elle magazine and for a series of BBC radio broadcasts about his views on political speeches and the history of issues in contemporary politics, such as Brexit.

BA (Exon), MA (Exon), PhD (Exon)

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