Jennifer  Brinkley, J.D.

Jennifer Brinkley, J.D.

University of West Florida

Assistant Professor

Expertise: Women and the LawDomestic ViolenceFamily Law

Jennifer L. Brinkley, an Assistant Professor of Legal Studies, has a J.D. from the University of Kentucky College of Law, practiced law and taught at both the University of Colorado at Denver and at Western Kentucky University before joining UWF in 2019.  She teaches courses on women and the law, criminal procedure, evidence, legal research and writing, family law, law and society, among others.

Brinkley’s research focuses on women and the law issues.  She has an interest in gender and the judiciary in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Her peer-reviewed work has been published in South Carolina Law Review, LMU Law Review, Kentucky Bench & Bar, The Legal Educator, and The Young Lawyer.

Brinkley has experience working for a civil law firm, in a solo law practice, in a corporate position, and as a prosecutor.

Degrees & Institutions:
Brinkley received a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting and a Master of Arts in Criminology from Western Kentucky University.  She earned her J.D. from the University of Kentucky College of Law. 

Women and the law
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Gender and the Judiciary in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Criminal law issues
Special Interests:
Outside of the classroom, Brinkley enjoys going to the beach, spending time with her son, and playing with her greyhound, Nui.  Brinkley has been married to her husband, David, since 2005.  They share one child, Gauge.

Brinkley, J. (2021) Sanctuary Cities and Counties for the Unborn:  The Use of Resolutions and Ordinances to Restrict Abortion Access. Northern Illinois University Law Review (forthcoming Spring 2021).

Brinkley, J. (2021). Crises Collide:  Examining the Intersection of Sex Trafficking and Opioid Use. Kentucky Law Journal (forthcoming Spring 2021).

Brinkley, J. (2020). A Path Forward: Florida’s Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking. 71 South Carolina Law Review 3.

Brinkley, J. (2020). Human Trafficking and the Practice of Law. South Carolina Law Review Spring 2020.

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Brinkley, J. (2019). Ruth Bader Ginsburg:  Examining Her Path to the High Court Bench and its Intersection with the ACLU. 6 Lincoln Memorial Law Review 1.

Brinkley, J.  (2019). The Failure of Amanda’s Law in Kentucky:  Creating Best Practices for Legislatures Passing Domestic Violence Statutes. Quinnipiac Law Review Fall 2019.

Brinkley, J. (2019).  The Opioid Crisis and the Practice of Law:  An Examination of Efforts Made in Kentucky.  In South Carolina Law Review 70(3).

Brinkley, J. (2019).  Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Examining Her Path to the High Court Bench and its Intersection with the ACLU.  LMU Law Review 6(1).

Shorter Works
Brinkley, J. (2021) Our Rightful Place: A History of Women at the University of Kentucky, 1880-1945. Bench & Bar (forthcoming March 2021).

Brinkley, J. (2021) Covid-19, Disruption, and Teaching Practices, Legal Writing. Journal of Legal Writing Instruction (forthcoming Spring 2021).

Brinkley, J. (2020). RBG Played the Long Game on Making Real Change for Women…and Men. Kentucky Herald-Leader (opinion).

Brinkley, J. (2020). Should We Do Away with Office Hours? (opinion).

Brinkley, J. (2020) Starting a Prison Reading Group, (commentary).

Brinkley, J. (2019) Richard H. Underwood’s Gaslight Lawyers: Criminal Trials & Exploits in Gilded Age New York, 83 Bench & Bar 6 (book review). 

Brinkley, J. (2019) Abortion Access in Kentucky: 2019 Legislative Update, 83 Bench & Bar 22.

Brinkley, J. (2019). Teaching Legal History Through Women and the Law Curriculum. The Legal Educator 34(1).

Brinkley, J. (2010) Top 5 Mistakes that Young Lawyers Make. The Young Lawyer 15(2).

Brinkley, J. (2007). Does That Framed License Mean Anything? Creating Possibilities in the Young Lawyer’s Career. The Young Lawyer 11(7).


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