Jennifer  Joh, MD, FACS

Jennifer Joh, MD, FACS

Mercy Health Services (MHS) and Stella Maris

Breast Surgeon at The Hoffberger Breast Center

Expertise: SurgeryBreast SurgeryBreast CancerBreast Diseases

Jennifer Joh, M.D., FACS, is a full-time, dedicated breast surgeon at The Hoffberger Breast Center at Mercy in Downtown Baltimore. Dr. Joh also sees patients at select Mercy Community Physician Sites. Devoted to the care of her breast cancer patients, Dr. Joh offers a specialized focus not provided by most breast centers.

As a Board Certified breast cancer doctor with a caring spirit, Dr. Joh treats breast cancer and benign breast conditions with compassion, keeping a patient’s personal concerns a top priority. Dr. Joh’s friendly and energetic personality is appreciated by her patients, who easily recognize that patient care is a true commitment and deep source of fulfillment for her. To her patients, Dr. Joh is approachable and easy to communicate with, making the hurdles of breast disease a little more bearable.

Dr. Joh is committed to providing patients with personalized, innovative treatment plans to treat breast diseases. Dr. Joh works with the renowned plastic surgeons at Mercy to offer a full array of breast cancer treatments and breast reconstruction procedures. This team of breast doctors provides an individualized approach to breast surgery so patients are left with a more natural look and shape.

With medical training from the renowned H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute in Florida, Dr. Joh has a leading edge knowledge base of breast cancers and comprehensive breast cancer treatment.

A published medical expert, Dr. Joh has received recognition by the Annual Multidisciplinary Symposium on Breast Disease for her research on tumor pathology and by the Annual Peter Cyrus-Rizzo III Scientific Seminar for her research on techniques of sentinel lymph node examinations. 

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