Jennifer  Melcher, MA

Jennifer Melcher, MA

University of West Florida

Faculty Research Associate

Expertise: ArchaeologyArchaeologyGIsHistorical ArcheologyGIsRemote Sensing

Jennifer Melcher is a faculty research associate with the UWF Archaeology Institute. Melcher provides database,GIS, mapping and graphic support for faculty and students in the Division of Anthropology and Archaeology. In addition, she conducts geophysical surveys  and analysis, as well as the facilitation of 3D scanning and printing of archaeological models for research, education and outreach. 

In addition to her extensive digital work, Melcher’s research interests focus on Native Americans at the time of contact with an emphasis on cultural exchange. She teaches GIS for Anthropology at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, serves on graduate student committees and offers workshops for students on topics including surveying, and geophysical methods.

Melcher is a member of multiple archaeological associations to include Pensacola Archaeological Society, Florida Anthropological Society, Florida Archaeological Council, Southeastern Archaeological Society and Society for American Archaeology. 

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