As the head of BRI’s Center for Research on Wind Power on the Environment, Kate oversees wide-ranging projects focused on renewable energy development and wildlife. Her particular focus is offshore wind energy studies conducted in coordination with state and federal agencies, academics, and other nonprofits. She obtains funding, designs and manages projects, analyzes data, authors technical reports and publications, delivers public presentations at scientific and technical conferences. In addition, she provides technical support for a range of stakeholder and policy initiatives.

Her current projects include providing technical expertise to the New York State Environmental Technical Working Group (E-TWG) and developing guidance for implementing automated VHF telemetry studies at offshore wind energy projects.

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Science is the best (local, regional, national, global) policy

Careful siting of renewable energy development seems to play a key role in minimizing impacts to wildlife, but this requires detailed knowledge of where animals breed, winter, and migrate. To address this need, BRI established a wildlife and renewable energy program in 2009, which has evolved over the past 12 years into BRI’s Center for Research on Offshore Wind and the Environment (CROWE).
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