Dr. Miller is an economist who specializes in industrial organization. In terms of supply chain issues, His research interests include understanding the way market competition, consumer preferences, and government policies combine to determine the prices and supplies of goods and services around the country.

He is also an expert in the economics of health care. He has recently completed a longitudinal study of Medicare Advantage plans and beneficiaries funded in part by the National Institutes of Health to understand how plan benefits vary around the country.

Finally, he can comment on the economics of the cannabis industry. He has conducted a number of studies examining the impact of cannabis legalization on traffic safety, alcohol consumption, tax revenues, cross-border shopping, the illegal market, and more. Dr. Miller's work has been cited by state and federal policymakers as they adapt to the changing landscape of the cannabis industry.

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[On supply chain disruptions] " [...] how do you decide what stuff to prioritize? It’s the highest value, highest technology, lowest weight goods.”

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