Dr Kristen Reyher is based in the Bristol Veterinary School. Her main areas of research are cattle disease (especially mastitis), veterinary-farmer communication and antimicrobial resistance, use and stewardship in farmed animals and across the One Health sphere. She combines her clinical expertise with the best in veterinary evidence using quantitative and qualitative research across the basic sciences, epidemiology and applied clinical practice. She leads the AMR Force, a £10-million funded interdisciplinary research group focussed on antimicrobial resistance, use and stewardship. One of her current research thrusts is an ambitious project designing a One Health data platform for antimicrobial resistance research. Dr Reyher helps to share best practice between farmers and directed the first studies applying a counselling style called Motivational Interviewing to veterinarian-client communication. She has worked in livestock veterinary practice in three countries and has worked with farmers in various others including Argentina and Thailand. Her accomplishments include successfully organising the data collection platform for Canada’s largest livestock research effort through the Canadian Bovine Mastitis Research Network.

1998 - BSc Zoology, University of Florida
2002 - D.V.M Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University
2012 - PhD Epidemiology, University of Prince Edward Island

2018 - Public Health England Antibiotic Guardian Awards – Winner, 2019 - Public Health England Antibiotic Guardian Awards – Winner, Veterinary Record Impact Award for publication, UK Diagnostic Summit – Highly Commended Award for Research

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