Professor Leah Tether is a specialist in medieval literature, book history and publishing in the Department of English. She has a particular interest in the materiality of medieval books related to the legend of King Arthur. She is the President of the International Arthurian Society’s British Branch, International Secretary of the International Courtly Literature Society and Editor-in-Chief of the global Journal of the International Arthurian Society. Professor Tether made international news when she identified fragments of a 13th-century copy of an Old French manuscript of the Merlin story hidden in a library. This discovery is the subject of a new book called 'The Bristol Merlin: Text and Context'. Her work on the connections between medieval and digital reading practices, the history of the UK's second oldest paper mill, and the discovery of a book once belonging to Queen Elizabeth I have also attracted media interest.

2004 - MA Medieval French Literature, Durham University, 2009 - PhD Medieval French Literature, 
Durham University

2014 - Awarded Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, 2018 - Elected President of the International Arthurian Society British Branch, 2019 - Elected International Secretary of the International Courtly Literature SocietyPublishing

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Bristol manuscript fragments of the famous Merlin legend among the oldest of their kind

Medieval manuscript fragments discovered in Bristol that tell part of the story of Merlin the magician, one of the most famous characters from Arthurian legend, have been identified by academics from the Universities of Bristol and Durham as some of the earliest surviving examples of that section of the narrative.
02-Sep-2021 09:00:01 AM EDT

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