Marie-Claire  Gauduin, PhD

Marie-Claire Gauduin, PhD

Texas Biomedical Research Institute

Assoc. Scientist, Virology & Immunology

Expertise: HIVAIDS

Dr. Gauduin has more than 25 years of experience in HIV/AIDS research and medical microbiology. She has been working extensively on HIV and the development of novel vaccine strategies using the non-human primate model for AIDS. In her work, she uses epithelial stem cells and weakened recombinant papillomavirus as vaccine- vectors to protect against multiple low-dose mucosal challenges. Dr. Gauduin is also developing a neonatal model for tuberculosis to study HIV/TB co-infection in pediatric AIDS.

Her specific research interests are:

Early events of simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) transmission in a macaque model
Host immune responses to infectious diseases
Early virus-specific T cell responses in neonates
Tuberculosis/SIV coinfection in pediatric AIDS

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