Oscar  Berglund, BA, MSc, MSc, PhD

Oscar Berglund, BA, MSc, MSc, PhD

University of Bristol

Lecturer in International Public and Social Policy

Expertise: austerityCivil DisturbanceCivil unrestCivil RightsExtinction RebellionGreen MovementsMob ViolenceProtests

Dr Oscar Berglund's research examines civil protests, civil disobedience and activism, and the legal boundaries associated with such forms of public challenge and civil unrest. He is currently examining the Extinction Rebellion movement for a book on Civil Disobedience and Climate Change Activism. Dr Berlund's early work as a political economist included studies of protests against austerity measures in Spain and the impact of austerity on housing. Specifically, his work asks why unlawful protests have become more common, what effects civil disobedience campaigns have on public policy and how policymakers, police and the general public respond to protests. His perspective is global, often with a focus on European and Latin American cases. Dr Berglund is the co-editor of the journal Policy and Politics.

2009 - BA International Relations, University of West England, 2010 - MSc International Security, University of Bristol, 2013 - MSc Social Sciences Research Methods (Politics), University of Bristol, 2016 - PhD Politics and International Studies, University of Bristol.

Dr Berglund is an active member of the Critical Political Economy Research Network (CPERN) of the European Sociological Association.


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