Dr. R. Wesley Farr, Lecturer, teaches environmental health, aerospace toxicology, global health, and infectious diseases for the UWF Department of Public Health

Farr is a physician with specialties in Infectious Diseases, Tropical Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Aerospace Medicine.  He continues part-time work in Infectious Diseases.

He was previously on the Infectious Diseases faculty at West Virginia University where he was Director of the International Health program, Director of the Clinical Tropical Medicine and Parasitology Course, and Activity Director of the annual AIDS in West Virginia Conference.

He retired from the US Navy in 2015 after serving as Senior Medical Officer on the USS Harry S Truman, Director of the Military Tropical Medicine Course, and Executive Officer of the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center.  He was a medical advisor to the ANA Regional Hospital in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan.

Before coming to UWF in 2018, he worked at Joint Ambulatory Care Center (VA) and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

He received his bachelor’s degree in Biology, Doctor of Medicine degree, and Masters in Public Health degree from West Virginia University.

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