Quam is a paleoanthropologist who focuses on evolutionary aspects of the cranium and mandible. In particular, he has collaborated on a long-term research project to reconstruct the hearing capacities in our fossil human ancestors. In addition to reconstructing an aspect of sensory perception, this research line has shed new light on the process of language evolution, including in our closest evolutionary relatives the Neandertals. Since 1996, he has participated in the ongoing fieldwork being carried out at the Pleistocene locality of Atapuerca in northern Spain. These sites contain some of the richest human fossil bearing deposits in the world and represent the earliest evidence for incipient mortuary practices in the fossil record. During the course of his research, Quam has personally studied a wide diversity of original human fossils from Europe, the Middle East and Africa spanning the last 3 million years of human evolution.

Our study found these teeth lack several features that are found in earlier human species, including the Neanderthals. One of these characteristics is a thickening of the tooth crown along the edges on the inside surface of the incisor and canine. Anthrop

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