Sercan  Ozcan, PhD

Sercan Ozcan, PhD

University of Portsmouth

Reader in Innovation and Technology Management

Expertise: Artificial IntelligenceArtificial IntelligenceInnovationInnovationTechnology

I am an Associate Professor of Innovation & Technology Management. My research focuses on the intersection of Innovation Management and Data Science, with a particular emphasis on Science, Technology & Innovation (STI) intelligence, technology foresight, and technology roadmapping. I have also conducted research on policy development and assessment of emerging technologies such as blockchain, AI, and nanotechnology. To support my work, I use a variety of research methods including text intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, patent analysis, scientometrics, and social media analytics. My research is informed by theories and models such as diffusion of innovations, systems of innovation, and general purpose technology. I published in the top journals of Innovation Management and Engineering Management fields. I worked as a project lead and consultant in various innovation management and text intelligence-related projects.

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