Sidi  Chen , PhD

Sidi Chen , PhD

Yale Cancer Center/Smilow Cancer Hospital

Associate Professor of Genetics

Expertise: Cancer GeneticsCancer Genetics

Sidi Chen joined the Yale Faculty in 2015 in the Department of Genetics, Systems Biology Institute, and Yale Cancer Center. His research focuses on providing a global understanding of biological systems and development of novel breakthrough therapeutics. Chen developed and applied genome editing and high-throughput screening technologies, precision CRISPR-based in vivo models of cancer, global mapping of functional drivers of cancer oncogenesis and metastasis. He is leading a research group to seek global understandings of the molecular and cellular factors controlling disease progression and immunity. His group continuously invents versatile systems that enable rapid identification of novel targets and development of new modalities of cancer immunotherapy, cell therapy and gene therapy. His goal is to uncover novel insights in cancer and various other immunological diseases and develop next generation therapeutics.
Dr. Chen received a number of national and international awards including the Pershing Square Sohn Prize, DoD Era of Hope Scholar, NIH Director’s New Innovator Award, Blavatnik Innovator Award, Yale Cancer Center Basic Science Research Prize, AACR NextGen Award for Transformative Cancer Research, Ludwig Foundation Award, Damon Runyon Cancer Research Fellow, Dale Frey Award for Breakthrough Scientists, TMKF Innovative/Translation Cancer Research Award, BCA Exceptional Research Grant Award, MRA Young Investigator Award, V Scholar, Bohmfalk Scholar, Ludwig Family Foundation Award, St. Baldrick’s Foundation Award, CRI Clinic & Laboratory Integration Program (CLIP), MIT Technology Review Top 35 Innovators (Regional), and Sontag Foundation Distinguished Scientist Award.

Education & Training:
Visiting Postdoc-Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard (2015)
Postdoctoral Fellow-MIT (2015)
PhD-The University of Chicago (2011)
Visiting Student-Stanford University (2009)

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Yale Scientists Develop a New Approach to Strengthen CAR-T Cell Therapy

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cells are a powerful, new form of cancer therapy that are being studied to treat blood cancers. Using a new approach, Yale Cancer Center researchers at Yale School of Medicine found a new way to substantially improve the effectiveness of CAR-T cell therapy. The new study was published in Nature Immunology on July 27.
27-Jul-2023 11:55:08 AM EDT

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