Valerie George, professor, teaches sculpture, video and installation.

George is a sculptor who uses expanded media to explore sonic, social, environmental and cultural phenomena. She is particularly interested in the complex place where divergent concepts merge, such as pop culture and subculture; sonic performance and musical entertainment; public and private space; place and non-place; urban and rural environments; and the archival document and the art object. 

She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions at national and international galleries, including Locust Projects in Miami, Florida; Public Address and Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn, New York; Sarai Media Lab in New Delhi, India; FemArt Mostra D’Art De Dones in Barcelona, Spain; and the Horse Hospital in London, England. She has also participated in several national fine art festivals and events, such as the RCA Street Festival in Richmond, Virginia; {Re}Happening at Lake Eden; and South by Southwest at Okay Mountain Gallery. 

She was a visiting artist and lecturer at the Hangar Residency in Barcelona, Spain, and at Stanford University. In 2015, she was awarded the Artist in Residence at the Everglades Fellowship, where she will begin her sabbatical in May of 2016. She is the arts editor for Panhandler Magazine, published by the Department of English and World Languages at UWF.

Her work is in the collection of the Norton Museum of Art, which was purchased by curator Tim Wride (formerly the curator of photography at the Los Angeles Museum of Art). Her work has been reviewed by NPR, Tom Tom Magazine, Tape Op, Amp Magazine and Drain Magazine. 

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