Professor Valeska Ting is based in the Department of Mechanical Engineering where she leads a specialist research team developing the use of nanomaterials – highly useful materials with features between 1 nm and 100 nm in size - for sustainable energy storage and for energy use, such as in hydrogen-powered vehicles. Her work contributes to the development of safer, more efficient ways to store and deliver sustainable energy. Professor Ting serves on the UK-based EPSRC-led national Energy Strategic Advisory Committee. She is very active in science and engineering outreach and is one of the BBC’s BAME Expert Voices. Professor Ting was named among the Top 50 Women in Engineering in Sustainability in 2020 by the Women’s Engineering Society. 

2002 - BSc Science and Technology, Victoria University of Wellington, 2007 - PhD Inorganic and Solid State Chemistry, The Australian National University

2013 - Sir Frederick Warner Medal, Gold Medal for Engineering, and the Westminster Medal, SET for Britain competition at the House of Commons, 2020 - Top 50 Women in Engineering - Awarded by the Women’s Engineering Society


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