Dr. Xuan V. Tran, a Professor, studies microeconomics and macroeconomics and consumer behavior psychology in hospitality and tourism.

Tran’s research has examined economic effects on demand for luxury hotel rooms, hotel brand personality and service quality, and customers’ price sensitivity in upscale lodging. In addition, he has examined aspects of crime and tourism, financial decision-making in the lodging industry, and numerous other issues involving tourism in Asia, Europe and the United States.

He has written two books: Effects of American Travelers Motivations on Their Travel Preferences for Tour Packages -- Basics, Concepts, Methods, Applications;and American Needs, Asian Policies, and European Societies in Tourism; andcustomized one textbook: Financial Decision-Making in the Lodging Industry."

Tran earned a Ph.D. in Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism at the University of Utah. Before joining the UWF faculty, he taught at the University of Utah and at colleges in Japan, China and Vietnam.

His interest covers a wide span, from “Body Mass Index, Suicide and Homicide among The Caribbean islands” to travel preferences of American and Chinese travelers.

His work has been published in Journal of Vacation Marketing, Tourism Analysis: An Interdisciplinary Journal, E-Review for Tourism Research, Annals of Tourism Research, and Advances in Culture, and Tourism and Hospitality Research, among others.

Tran, a former Fulbright Scholar, has been on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Sports, Medicine & Doping Studies since 2010. Tran’s community involvement includes helping to develop a marketing plan for Pensacola Historic Village, a UWF undertaking in downtown Pensacola.

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