Newswise — LGBTQIA awareness is always in season, but during Pride Month in June, there's a heightened sense of visibility and community. These CSU faculty members, students, alumni and staff are committ​ed to breaking down closet doors year-round.​

The LGBTQIA community is blessed with activists who dedicate their lives to fighting for equal rights. Past luminaries such as Harvey Milk, Sylvia Rivera, Audre Lorde and Edith Windsor changed the course of history, making their names synonymous with the movement. There are also those who may not garner the same widespread attention but still make huge strides in the ongoing effort for equality—people like pride center counselors, student leaders and faculty members who provide support.

While many pride celebrations may be virtual this year due to the pandemic, nothing can dampen the celebration. Click this link to meet just a few of the LGBTQIA members of the CSU who represent all the colors of the rainbow.