Dr. Mark Doyle, an expert on the British Empire and Modern Britain, is available for interviews and to provide expertise on the life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth II.

 “Most people in Britain have known no other monarch, and many are only now realizing just how much Queen Elizabeth had anchored their lives,” says Doyle.  “The nation changed almost beyond recognition during her reign, but she changed hardly at all, apart from the changes that time forced upon her,” he continued.

 “It's impossible to know how the monarchy, or the nation, would have fared with a different person on the throne, but I think it's fair to say that she strengthened the former and helped to steady the latter. She was a remnant of a time when public figures were expected to behave with a kind of dignity and reserve that we rarely see these days, and so her death also feels like the death of a certain standard of behavior in public life. It feels like the death of a world that few can fully remember,” explains Doyle.

 “It's a commonplace that the British monarch is just a symbol without any real power, but that's not quite true, because symbols do have power,” Doyle concludes.

Doyle is available to speak on the model of diplomacy that Queen Elizabeth exemplified; the living link to Britain's era of global dominance that she fulfilled, and what Britain’s future looks like without her.

Mark Doyle is the author of the popularly acclaimed book “The Kinks: Songs of the Semi-Detached (2020); Fighting Like the Devil for the Sake of God: Protestants, Catholics, and the Origins of Violence in Belfast (2009), and the editor of The British Empire: A Historical Encyclopedia (2018).