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    Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics near Toronto, Ontario, Canada, showing the Mike Lazaridis Theatre of Ideas, the Reflecting Pool, and Researchers' offices.

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    1903 Redpath automobile on loan from The Canadian Automotive Museum.

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    Wright Brothers flyer simulator.

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    Marconi Radio.

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    Birth of silent film exhibit.

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    Wright Brothers glider.

Newswise — One hundred years ago, the rate of invention and new ideas was nothing short of astounding.

Now you can experience these transformative times at Canada's Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, just west of Toronto, in Waterloo, Ontario:

"¢ See up close a 1903 Redpath automobile—made in Canada. "¢ Marvel at a Wright Brothers flyer and glider. "¢ Check out the birth and development of wireless communication and silent film."¢ Listen to popular and avant garde music from the era.

It's all part of EinsteinFest, a World Year of Physics 2005 event. Perimeter Institute opens its doors to the public from October 1st to 23rd and invites you to explore:

3-D Timeline: Journey through the first ten years of the 20th century and trace this intense period of innovation. See a transmitter used in the first trans-Atlantic wireless communication, on loan from Ontario's Hammond Museum of Radio.

Exhibits: Examine major works of art. Sculptures by Picasso, Matisse and Lipchitz convey the radical break in expression that became modern art.

Viewing Stations: See how Einstein changed the way we understand the physical world—including light, space and time. Learning centres within Perimeter Institute's research centre demystify Einstein's 1905 papers and include archival material on view in the two-storey library. Contemporary devices, with Einstein's mark on them, can also be examined—from the Global Positioning System (GPS) to the Discman. You will also encounter popular works influenced by Einstein's towering personality, such as Marvel comics and present-day action figures.

Physica Phantastica Centre: Bring your children and participate in hands-on experiments and demonstrations. Damian Pope, Director of Scientific Outreach at Perimeter Institute, will show you amazing scientific principles in action with the wonderful "Airzooka" and other inventions for children.

Outdoor Architecture Tour: Enjoy a walk along the path contouring the building. Stop at three listening stations to hear explanations about the unique, award-winning design of Perimeter Institute—built from the ground up to provide deep thinkers from around the world with creative research space.

About Perimeter Institute:

Perimeter Institute is home to diverse group of scientists from around the world. They are clustering in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada to forge new mind-bending ideas (like Einstein calculated before them) about the ultimate nature of space, time and matter. In addition, the Institute shares the joy of discovery with students, teachers and the general public through a full array of educational outreach activities including the International Summer School for Young Physicists, the EinsteinPlus National Teachers' Workshop on Modern Physics and Physica Phantastica in-class visits across Canada. In designing EinsteinFest, North America's most comprehensive "World Year of Physics" celebration, Dr. Howard Burton, Executive Director, shows that science does not happen in a vacuum. It is the product of bold, creative people who live in the real world and are inspired by the likes of art, music and technology in the wider theatre of big ideas.

With strong support from passionate philanthropists and the Governments of Ontario and Canada, the Institute is an innovative and successful example of private-public partnership in science research and education.

For a complete schedule of displays, exhibitions, lectures and performances, visit http://www.einsteinfest.ca or contact:

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