Newswise — New students entering college are often inundated with advice and tips on transitioning to their new environment. But with advancements in technology, the successful approaches used by mom and dad may have changed drastically, as have teaching and study methods and expectations in the classroom.

In an e-book published last year (College Success 101: A Professor's Insider Secrets to Help You Succeed in School), Business Professor David Wyld of Southeastern Louisiana University offers tips and straight-forward advice to avoid some pitfalls so many college students fall into.

His motivation for writing the book was simple: his son was beginning his first year of college. He says, "This is the information I wanted my own son to know. College today is the second most costly investment, other than a home, that people will make in their lifetimes. From day one on campus, the college career is indeed a major investment that affect the rest of your life."

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