Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Keisha Pollack is Available to Discuss Walking to School Safety

Keshia Pollack, PhD, MPH, the Associate Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy, is committed to redefining injury as a public health problem and promoting it as a scientific discipline through high-quality research, advocacy and education.

She is a leading expert in injury prevention and control, built environment, physical activity, and obesity prevention. She is available for interviews on:

+ The importance of walking as a form of exercise for children, already susceptible to the epidemic of obesity;+ Maryland’s unfortunate overrepresentation of children in pedestrian injury data;+ Recommendations to improve sharing of the road by both pedestrians and drivers.

Pollack has extensive media experience including interviews with The New York Times, The Baltimore Sun and WMAR-TV (Baltimore).

Media Contact:Eric Schulman, MPSCenter for Injury Research and PolicyJohns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health(443) 287-2947 | [email protected]

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