Labor Expert: Scalia is a Longtime Fighter in the War on Workers

Expert Pitch

President Trump tweeted Thursday that he intends to nominate Eugene Scalia as the next labor secretary. Rebecca Kolins Givan, an associate professor in the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations, is available for interviews on the topic.

Givan said, “Eugene Scalia is a longtime fighter in the war against workers and their ability to form unions. His record opposing basic ergonomic safety demonstrates not only his disregard for the health and well-being of working people, but also the purity of his commitment to letting employers treat workers as poorly as they wish. His stance on unions is equally abysmal. Scalia is on the record as saying that unions are self-interested organizations whose key purpose is supporting the Democratic Party. He is dismissive of the fact that unions improve the lives of working people. In view of all this, Scalia’s nomination is not surprising. It’s typical of the Trump Administration to advance the rights of employers and limit the rights of the workers.”

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