Newswise — CHICAGO, IL – On Friday, May 1st, the University of Chicago will host the Latin American Policy Forum 2015, a day-long event in which prestigious and high-ranking practitioners and policy players from Latin America are invited to the University to discuss relevant and pressing issues for the region.

The theme of the Forum is “XXI Century Challenges for Development in Latin America”. The objective is to discuss the challenges for development from three lenses: Energy, Economic Development, and Education. The event will have three panels and a keynote speaker, professor James A. Robinson, coauthor of the best-selling book Why Nations Fail.

Presenters include: Fernando Aportela (México), Deputy Minister of Finance of México; Harald Beyer (Chile), Minister of Education of Chile and current director of the Center for Public Studies (CEP); Alberto Carrasquilla (Colombia), Former Minister of Finance of Colombia (2003-2007); Luis Miguel Castilla (Peru), Former Minister of Economy and Finance of Peru (2011-2014) and current Ambassador of Peru to the US; Daniel Diermeier (Germany), Dean of the Harris School of Public Policy and Emmett Dedmon Professor of Public Administration at the University of Chicago; Ramón Espinasa (Venezuela), Lead Oil and Gas specialist, Interamerican Development Bank (IDB); Eugenio Figueroa (Chile), Associate Professor at Universidad de Chile; Aldo Flores Quiroga (México), Secretary General, International Energy Forum; Juan José Guerra (México), Secretary of Environment of México; Alicia Menéndez (Argentina), Ph.D. in Economics from Boston University and Associate Professor at the Harris School of Public Policy; Vicente Mendoza (México), from Infonavit (Institute for the National Fund of Housing for Workers), México; and James Robinson (England) Wilbur A. Cowett Professor of Government at Harvard University.

To book interviews with a speaker or to get more details about the event, please contact in advance with Sebastian Rivas, [email protected].

You can check the agenda of the event and the panelists’ bios at

About the organizers

The event is organized by Latin American Matters (LAM), Latin American student organization at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy. Cosponsors include the Center for Latin American Studies, OLAS, and International House.

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