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Newswise:Video Embedded tips-on-staying-safe-during-tick-season
Released: 5-Apr-2017 4:10 PM EDT
Entomologist Gives Tips on Staying Safe During Tick Season
University of Manitoba

Now that the snow has finally melted and Manitobans are getting out an about, some are venturing into wooded or grassy areas. And that’s a problem. U of M entomologist Kateryn Rochon cautions that tick season is upon us, and we should be vigilant.

Released: 30-Nov-2009 12:20 PM EST
Canadian TV Shows "Talk First, Shoot Later"
University of Manitoba

A Canadian expert on conflict resolution says one CBS drama series gets it right by having its characters "talk first and shoot later."

Released: 31-Mar-2009 2:30 PM EDT
Canola Cantor Does Passover Rap
University of Manitoba

Dr. Michael Eskin, a world-renowned nutrition researcher and canola expert has a unique hobby. He's now also a rap singer. Passionate about his religion, Eskin has recorded a music CD about biblical stories for children, tying in nicely with his "other" career as a musician and cantor. His rap about Passover is a hit, and he's even been featured on Sesame Street!

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