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Released: 26-Jan-2012 9:00 AM EST
Expert Says American Voters Are Seeing “Game-Changing Primary Debates”
Columbus State University

A national expert and frequent author on political debates says American voters are seeing “game-changing primary debates” that are different from any we’ve seen before.

Released: 11-Mar-2011 10:45 AM EST
Columbus State University Sources on Japanese Earthquake, Which Was Literally Felt in Georgia
Columbus State University

Columbus State University in Georgia offers several sources on the Japan earthquake, recorded the quake on a seismometer, and has students there now (all are OK).

Released: 27-Feb-2009 5:05 PM EST
Thousands Watch Comet Lulin Trip Online
Columbus State University

When Comet Lulin crossed the skies last week, more than 42,000 people around the globe watched the trip online. The comet's journey was documented by an observatory in southwest Georgia, inside Columbus State University's Coca-Cola Space Science Center. The center's computers logged almost 5 million hits from 50 different countries.

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