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3-Aug-2020 12:25 PM EDT
Parents Trust Colleges More than Students for COVID-19 Safety, New Survey by TimelyMD Finds

Parents of college students indicate many concerns about their students' return to the classroom (on campus or online), including their health, the quality of their education, and the likelihood of their following public health guidance when administrators aren't looking. Fielded last week, this survey by TimelyMD has the latest data available as campus reopening plans change daily.

Released: 24-Jun-2020 8:55 AM EDT
College Students’ Mental Health Continues to Suffer from COVID-19, New Survey by TimelyMD Finds

According to a new survey by TimelyMD, a telehealth company that specializes in higher education, an overwhelming majority (85%) of college students say they continue to experience increased stress and/or anxiety as a result of COVID-19, with women reporting higher rates of coronavirus-related stress than men (93% vs. 78%).