EAST LANSING, Mich. – Michigan State University’s Political Science Department in the College of Social Science has political experts that can discuss many aspects of the 2024 election, including but not limited to political parties, presidential primaries, polling and elections, the presidency and the Supreme Court.

These faculty’s areas and contact information are below, and are available for comment.

Matt Grossmann is the director of MSU’s Institute for Public Policy, and a professor of American Politics and Social Research. He can comment on a broad range of topics surrounding the 2024 election, including political parties, campaigns and elections. Additionally, he can discuss Michigan’s primary and elections.

Corwin Smidt is an associate professor of American politics and research methods. He can comment on elections and polling for the presidential election, as well as the state of Michigan.

Erica Frantz is an associate professor of comparative politics. She is a specialist on issues and themes relating to authoritarianism, and she studies democratization and the dynamics of political change. 
Contact: [email protected]

Nura Sediqe is an assistant professor in the Muslim studies program. She can comment on the importance of coalitions, specifically Arab-American and Muslim voters.
Contact: [email protected]

Ryan Black is a professor of American Politics, also in the College of Law. His expertise includes public opinion and the Supreme Court, and he can speak to appointments and vacancies.

Sarah Reckhow is a professor of American politics. She can comment on topics related to education policy in the presidential election. She is a specialist on local elections and school board elections.