Dan Rice, a Rutgers University expert and nationally recognized leader in the field of sex education, is available to discuss nationwide shifts in the K-12 sex education landscape.

“Only twenty-four states and the District of Columbia require sex education to be taught in schools; only 13 require the information be medically accurate and even fewer require that it be LGBTQ-inclusive. Some states with the highest teen birth rates and new HIV infections don’t require sex education at all,” Rice said.

“National polls show strong agreement that young people should receive age-appropriate, medically accurate answers to their questions about sex and relationships. Yet the federal government continues to fund failed abstinence-only programs. We are failing young people when we do not provide the information they need to make informed decisions, maintain their sexual health, communicate their boundaries and respect the boundaries of others,” he said.

Rice is the interim executive director of Answer, a Rutgers University program that provides and promotes sex education for teens and sex education materials for parents and professionals.

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