EVANSTON, Ill. --- Many Google services store location data even if you’ve tried to prevent them from doing so. According to Matthew Kugler of Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law, there isn’t a single setting people can change to get their privacy back.

Kugler is an assistant professor of law. His research interests include privacy, intellectual property and the intersection of psychology and law. He can be reached at 312-503-3568 or matthew.kugler@law.northwestern.edu.

Quote from Professor Kugler

“There are so many apps recording our data that people are unaware of how much companies know about them. Everyone knows that if they search for ‘Chinese food’ they’ll see results that are near them rather than across the country, but they likely don’t realize that their search provider has now saved their location and generated a permanent record of it.

“Our mobile devices give off so many of these data trails that self-help can only do so much; there’s no one setting that people can change and get their privacy back. Even a tech expert wouldn’t find everything. This is an issue that requires some government regulation to give boundaries to companies.”

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