Teenage Decision-Making ExpertFrances Jensen, MD, chair of the Department of NeurologyPerelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Newswise — Spring brings with it all kinds of “rites of passage” for teenagers. There’s prom, graduation parties, planning for senior week and more. And with these milestones come a great many choices to be made by teens. Some which may prove to be life-altering. If you are planning a story on some, or any, of these teenage highlights, and would like to interview an expert with insight into the inner workings of teenage decision-making, I’d like to offer Frances Jensen, MD, chair of Penn Medicine’s Department of Neurology as a source. Jensen is an internationally respected epilepsy researcher and neuroscientist, and she also happens to be a mother of two boys. An author of many articles and books, as well as a frequently requested speaker, she draws on her research, knowledge, clinical experience and personal experiences to provide insights that can translate into practical advice for parents and teenagers. Jensen’s book, The Teenage Brain; A Neuroscientist’s Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults, is a New York Times top-ten bestseller in hard and paperback versions.

If you are interested in interviewing Dr. Jensen, please contact Stephanie Simon at 215-349-5660 or [email protected]

Link to resume - http://www1.pennmedicine.org/profile/pdf/?id=13370