Newswise — It's that time again as thousands of college freshmen are heading to campus and moving into their dorms. Most colleges and universities provide a list of suggested items needed for dorm rooms. However, Ross Bryan, director of residential communities at The University of Alabama, and his staff have come up with things freshmen often forget to bring. They are:

10. Extension cords " "The outlets in their room will always be on the side opposite where they want to put their television."

9. Masking tape " "For attaching extension cords to the floor so they don't trip on them in the middle of the night."

8. Social Security card and other documents " "Students need them if they want to get a job somewhere."

7. Extra underwear " "No one does laundry as often as they think they will, and you just can't run out of the essentials."

6. A "renter's" insurance policy " "A college or university only insures the building, not a student's personal belongings such as clothes, books and electronics. So, they should be sure they have insurance to cover such things."

5. One half of the things already packed " "Students usually bring everything they own and find that once they get here that they do not have enough space for it all."

4. Patience " "A student may know more than the average incoming student about the campus, but they still won't know it all, as policies, activities and living arrangements change yearly. So, be patient, ask questions and listen."

3. Communication Skills " "Freshmen need to understand that the collegiate experience is a wonderful time to meet and interact with people who are different than they are. It may be the first time they are asked to communicate their opinion, wants and needs to someone else in a constructive way."

2. An open mind " "Being open to new and different ideas can be a little scary at first, but the benefit of listening to another perspective will be invaluable in a student's development."

1. Positive energy " "The first month can be emotionally and physically draining. Having a positive attitude will get a student through the rough spots."

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