James "Jim" Bernazzani, an adjunct professor in Tulane's Emergency and Security Studies program, is a veteran of the FBI who devoted his career fighting organized crime and protecting against international and domestic terrorist threats as well as conducting FBI terror investigations both home and abroad. He retired from the FBI in 2008 after nearly 24 years of service, including serving as deputy director of law enforcement at the CIA's Counterterrorism Center following 9/11. 

James Bernazzani, adjunct professor in emergency and security studies, School of Professional Advancement,      504-329-2866,[email protected]


Charles Figley is an internationally-known trauma expert, social work professor and head of the Tulane Trauma Institute. Following Hurricane Katrina, he helped mobilize crisis counselors for hurricane survivors, conducted training sessions for post-Katrina practioiners and lectured across the country on disaster-related trauma. He has been widely quoted following disaster- and terrorism-related incidents around the world. He is the author of several books, including the Encyclopedia of Trauma.

Charles Figley, director of the Tulane Trauma Institute, Tulane School of Social Work, [email protected]