Christopher Fettweis, associate professor of political science, is an expert in international relations and U.S. foreign policy. He can discuss the resignation of Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor and what it means moving forward.

"The 24 days he was National Security Advisor was an eternity," Fettweis said. "But every new administration makes adjustments – if usually not this soon – and Flynn was not the right guy for that job. Not sure if Iran is still 'on notice,' but I’ll tell you who is: Flynn’s flunkies in the NSC. They’ll likely be purged, too."

Christopher FettweisAssociate professor Tulane Department of Political ScienceE-mail: [email protected]

J. Celeste Lay is an associate professor of political science with expertise in American political behavior, political socialization and public policy. She can speak about President Trump's relationship with Flynn and other members of his inner circle.

"Flynn was a close campaign operative of Donald Trump and was one of his first appointments after the election," Lay said. "President Trump has apparently known for a while that Flynn lied about his phone call with the Russian ambassador, but Flynn wasn’t forced to resign until his lies were leaked by several people to the press. Without this leak, it is not clear that Flynn would have been forced out, a sign that the president has a serious problem with his inner circle, where he prioritizes fealty and ideology over experience and competence."

J. Celeste LayAssociate professorTulane Department of Political ScienceE-mail: [email protected]