Pacific University (Ore.) chaplain Rev. Chuck Currie and Center for Gender Equity director Martha Rampton call for 2016 Presidential candidates to carefully consider the findings of the recently released 2015 Millennials, Sexuality, and Reproductive Health Survey:

"The recently released 2015 Millennials, Sexuality, and Reproductive Health Survey demonstrates that people of good faith can come to different conclusions on difficult issues while still largely affirming the right of women to make their own health care decisions. As the report notes, there is broad support for access to contraception and opposition to court mandates that hinder such access. Students of faith generally share these beliefs, echoing positions held by mainline denominations such as the United Church of Christ.
No one tradition can claim to be the “Christian” perspective on any of the issues dealt with in this report as there is a diversity of belief in all traditions related to sexuality and reproductive health.
Whereas Millennial attitudes across the board are largely supportive of women in terms of their freedom to choose in matters of contraception and health care, the statistics on pay equity, workplace discrimination, and sexual violence are disturbing and frustratingly consistent with past trends. Sexual assault on college campuses is on the rise, and the majority of the respondents in the survey consider it a problem that school administrations do not adequately address.
Although male and female responses on questions regarding sexuality and reproductive heath do not significantly diverge, female Millennials are considerably more likely to perceive inequities in pay and career opportunities than are males.
Candidates seeking the presidency in 2016 (along with seats in Congress and gubernatorial offices) would be wise to hear the voices of young people concerned about reproductive health, sexual violence, and the inequities women continue to face in the workplace."

Both Rev. Currie and Professor Rampton are available to discuss further.

Rev. Chuck Currie, MDivChaplainDirector - Center for Peace & Spirituality971-322-7920[email protected]

Martha Rampton, PhDDirector - Center for Gender EquityProfessor - History503-352-2772[email protected]

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