Newswise — University of the Sciences president Helen Giles-Gee is honored to announce a $2 million commitment from Kate P'76, PharmD'78 and Jim Mayes to support the University’s Mayes College of Healthcare Business and Policy. The University will recognize the impactful commitment, as well as the accomplishments of Mayes College faculty and students, at a celebration on Thursday, May 8, 2014.

“I am truly grateful to Kate and Jim Mayes for their dedication and generous financial contribution that ultimately supports the vision of Mayes College at USciences,” said Dr. Giles-Gee. “These funds demonstrate a commitment to the faculty and students of the College who are helping to shape the conversation of healthcare in this country at a critical time.”

The funds have been earmarked to further support student endeavors as well as faculty research and development. In addition, the monies will also provide programmatic support, including lectures, conferences, and symposia, that provide direct access for students and faculty to the myriad of thought leaders and professionals in the healthcare industry.

“Jim and I give to the College to invest in our nation's healthcare future and give students opportunities similar to those my USciences education benefited me as an entrepreneur,” said Kate. “Mayes College is positioned to educate and develop the future leaders in the areas of healthcare business and policy and biomedical writing. The degrees in these disciplines help to address such issues as the new Affordable Care Act, and help to create healthcare solutions for the populations served by all healthcare professions.”

Founded in September 2007, Mayes College of Healthcare Business and Policy provides education in specialized fields such as biomedical writing, pharmaceutical and healthcare business, health policy, and public health, and provides students with hands-on learning experiences, internships, and personal connections. Mayes College was dedicated in honor of Kate, an alumna who is currently serving as vice chair on the University’s board of trustees. Kate was the founder and former president of Applied Clinical Communications, Inc., of Parsippany, N.J., while Jim was the company’s treasurer before it was sold in 2000.

“The funds have made so many things possible—from faculty and students working together conducting health policy research to students educating the public about the Affordable Care Act,” said Dr. Andrew Peterson, the John Wyeth dean of Mayes College. The visionary creation of a college—unique in-and-of itself—also helps students in the other majors, such as physical therapy and pharmacy, to learn about the public health and business aspects of their life through business minors and undergraduate courses in public health. We are so fortunate to have Kate and Jim as benefactors—their personal connection with both the faculty and students enhances the commitment even more.”

A celebration on Thursday, May 8, 2014, at 2 p.m. will highlight the activities of students and faculty while serve as a recognition for the commitment Kate and Jim Mayes have made to the future of the college.

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